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No More Football!

November 19th, 2013 (08:22 pm)

Our last football game a week ago, and I'm excited it's finally over. We had a better season than we did last year. We went 3-7 last year and missed the playoffs. Our of the seven losses, we were only competitive in two of them. This year we finished 4-7, losing in the first round of the playoffs. We played a way tougher schedule this year and only got blown out in four games (Tates Creek and Fern Creek were both 6-A teams and Western was super good and Collins will win the 4-A title). Now that it's over with, we've been talking about making decisions on coaches for next year. We've been recruiting Spiva now for about four months. He's a middle school coach who has played for a state title four of the past five years. He's a good coach. We had him all but locked up, then he decided to apply for the Valley head coaching job. Well, it seems he got it. He and everyone in his family said he was going to coach with us next year, but now he's not. I'm not really mad about it, because it's a high school head coaching job. I'm just a little upset. With the changes we're making in our own program, he would've fit in and made us a much better team. Now we're back to the drawing board as far as adding to our staff. We're going to be good for the next two or three years, there's no doubt about that. We just need a new offensive coordinator and a couple of position coaches. We were down two position coaches this year and Dick had to call the offense from the field. What Spiva doesn't understand is that he's in a position where we won't be able to succeed. First, Valley loses the majority of their starters from a team that only won one game. Second, I don't know how many high school coaches he'll be able to recruit to help him at Valley. We're interviewing their old head coach for a position on our staff, as well as their offensive coordinator. Don't get me wrong, in five or six years he has a chance to make Valley a decent program, but he'll have to survive the next couple of years. They'll be the worst team in our district next year, and probably the year after that.

Anyways, not much else is going on. Just bored now that I have all of this free time. I'm suspended from X-Box Live for two weeks. Evidently you're not allowed to tell people you're going to dick punch their fart box, and people don't appreciate a good 'god damn donkey fuck' either. Whiny little punk ass kids. Don't camp and I won't have to say these things to you.

This new Mansions is pretty awesome.