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Emotastic [userpic]

I've missed you.

July 7th, 2013 (06:02 pm)
current song: The National-Don't Swallow The Cap

It's been awhile since I've posted, but I've been super busy. Truth is, I like being busy. I'm finally getting promoted, and I'm sort of excited about it. I will finally be the parts manager. I'll have an office and my own space to just do whatever. I'll also get a raise, and will get an even bigger one in six months. That new job should start in the next week or two. While I'm happy about it, I'll miss my old job. James said I'd still get to go on runs from time to time, but Matthew will be taking over my old job. I'm happy for him, because he hated being in that office. I just hope he can keep up with everything I was doing. I've been taking him out with me so he can get to know all of the people at Tafel and Bluegrass Motorsports. They seem to like him well enough, and he's picking up on it pretty quickly. Of course, it's not been as busy as it usually is. I think the biggest problem for him will be planning and saving time. I'm going to miss making runs because they make my day go by so fast. Also, I won't have to work 10 or 12 hour days. The job is 8-5, but I can still come in early and leave late if I want to. I'll still be able to get over time if I need to. I'd still like to get a second job though, so I can save up some money and take a trip. I get my vacation on September 6th, and Jared, Gage and I have been planning on going to Chicago September 11-13 for Riot Fest. It should be fun. Jared is from Chicago so we can stay with his parents for free.

I have some sad news. Uncle Tony has gotten real bad. While they were in Florida, he was having problems with his foot, so they came back a couple of days early. He went to the doctor the next day and they ended up admitting him. They cut off his leg just below the knee. While he was in the hospital, they ran some test and found out that his kidneys are bad. They went ahead and released him from the hospital. Matt and I have been going to their house and doing work for them. Cutting grass, cleaning out the pool, things he can't do anymore. I've also been going to the apartments and doing work over there. He's about ready to sell them, so that's one less thing I'll have to do. Well, Aunt Verna told us today that the doctor called on Thursday and told her that his kidneys aren't getting any better. She doesn't want to tell him until the specialist calls him. He's been talking about buying property in Florida and moving down there in December of 2014 and she doesn't think he's going to make it that long. That scares me because he's my favorite uncle. He's a great man, he treats Matt, Jonathan and I like we are his own kids. He treats us better than he treats is own family. Aunt Verna said he's been meeting with a lawyer to draw up a will, and that he told her that he didn't want his family to get anything, that the three of us get everything. It's nice to know that we mean that much to him, but I hate that it took this for him to let us know.

Matthew and I were in a wreck a few weeks ago. It wasn't anything too serious. We were driving in rush hour traffic and had stopped. The girl behind us was trying to merge into the lane to the left of us and was looking over her shoulder to see if it was clear and didn't realize we had stopped. She rear ended us. Of course, the insurance company low balled Matt on his car, but he did get the check. The girl's insurance company has already tried to get me to sign papers and I've been arguing with them for the past two weeks. The last time I talked to them, James grabbed the phone and whored them out, then told them not to call me again and gave them a number to a lawyer. I'm supposed to meet with him on Tuesday. We'll see how that goes.

All is well everywhere else. I have a girl I like, but I really haven't had much time to talk to her. It's probably for the best anyways. I'll probably just let her down.

Anyways, I'm about to get off of here and hang out with Sloan's family. We smoked a prime rib and made some sides and such. Busy week ahead.

"I have only two emotions
careful fear and dead devotion
I can't get the balance right
Throw my marbles in the fight
I see all the ones I wept for
all the things I had it in for
I'm not alone, I'll never be
into the bone, I'll never grieve
and if you want to see me cry
play Let It Be or Nevermind
There's a time to leave
There's a time to think about
what I want to say to the girls at the door
I need somewhere to be
but I can't get around the river that's in front of me
Calm down, it's alright
Lead my arms the rest of the night
and when they ask what I see
I see a big white beautiful heaven hanging over me."