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Emotastic [userpic]

Very Tired

March 3rd, 2013 (11:49 pm)

It's been a busy week, but I finally am about 90 percent moved. Yesterday was amazing. Jonathan, Kenny, John and I went up to Indianapolis for The Gaslight Anthem show last night. We left early and spent the day up there. The concert was amazing. They played for about two hours. I'd say Kenny's first white people concert was a success. Today I had plans to get some stuff done. I took the rental back this morning and cleaned up a little bit. Was going to mess around with my car and try to fix the battery situation. Yeah, didn't happen. I'll probably just take it and get it looked at tomorrow while I'm at work. I knew I had to do laundry all day, but waited until about 9 to do it. So now I'm tired, but have to finish this. Great. Not a lot going on this week. Hopefully work is slow so I can catch up on stuff. It's supposed to be warm this weekend so maybe I can play some basketball or something. Anyways, getting off of here.